About us

The AIM Forensic Security System is made by and distributed by Avocet Hardware Group) Ltd - in conjunction with the secure registering services of Retainagroup.

AIM is a highly effective burglar deterrent and uses proven DNA coding technology which can effectively be linked to the registered address of a property when installed and registered in accordance with approved installation procedure.

Avocet Hardware (UK) Ltd are affiliate members of the Master Locksmith Association and National Security Sponsors of Neighbourhood and Home Watch Networks in the UK and European Neighbourhood Watch sponsors.

The AIM security system is an affordable home security upgrade which can be installed quickly by our network of approved installers. 

If you would like AIM installed on your home or property simply complete the online inquiry form or call us on 01484 725 644.

For information on our ABS high security lock range visit www.abs-secure.co.uk


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