Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do the Police examine a suspect that has activated a AIM forensic security system?

A. If a suspect is detained, Police have the ability by way of UV arches situated in Police Station custody areas or by the use of handheld UV torches, when shone on a suspect a UV marker will illuminate.  The UV marker makes it indicative that forensic trace is present.

If the individual is found to be stained with this substance a forensic science laboratory is able to analyze the stain and can determine the Trace Tag forensic component allocated.  When RETAINAGROUP is provided with this unique code they are able to confirm the exact location to which the device was installed and registered, clearly placing the stained individual at the scene of a crime.

Q. What does the AIM forensic spray comprise of?
A. Each canister contains a covert forensic level DNA based marking system. It is a totally secure product which allows for unequivocal and guaranteed identification of the origin of the material
Q. Is the AIM DNA totally secure, and what makes it so?
A. Yes, the system has an almost infinite number of unique and novel DNA codes giving it a huge coding capacity. The system itself is made up of 4 controlled areas: Design, Production, Recovery and Identification. The design of an AIM code always comprises two primer sequences (keys) whose identity must be known before identification can be ascertained, and this information is uniquely available to TraceTag.
Q. Is the DNA spray environmentally friendly?
A. Yes, it is environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Q. Is the database totally secure?
A. Yes, AVOCET HARDWARE has utilised the services of RETAINAGROUP.    Retainagoup is a member of the BSIA, acrredited to ISO 9001 – 2008, Thatcham TQA and LPS 1224 & 1225, licensed by ACPO CPI Ltd, as providing products and services meeting Police Preferred Specification and partnered with the Home Office. They are also members of SMMT.

Q. Why should we use the warning labels and window stickers?
A. Warning stickers are supplied and installed at the front and back of the protected property to discourage illegal attempts of entry.

Q. How long does the DNA canister last for?
A. The AIM canister is pressurised and maintenance free once installed for 3.5 years. After this period a registered installer should be contacted to replace the canister to extend AIM's working life cycle (You can choose to opt in to our Alert system when you register your AIM alarm). The new code would then be registered in place of the old.

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