How it works

The AIM™ forensic security system is installed by one of our approved installers. It's a simple process and typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete*.

The AIM™ forensic security system remains dormant under everyday general use. Allowing it to be used just like a regular high security door chain.

When the product installation is complete the forensic code on the canister has to be registered with the homeowners details:

  • Registering the AIM forensic security system links the product to the installed property.
  • This allows the Police to check the register in the event of the product being activated in a attempted forced entry.

But when AIM™ detects that someone has attempted to force the door its advanced security defence system is activated.

  • A high decibel alarm will disorientate and scare off intruders. At the same time the AIM™ forensic security system fires into action and covers the intruder with an invisible quick drying DNA coded spray that forensically links them to the scene of crime.

Any intruder marked with the DNA coded spray is then traceable to the registered address.

  • They’ve now been linked to the scene of the crime and don’t know it!

  • The police can detect the spray using ultra-violet light, and trace the criminal to the record on the International Security Register.

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