Avocet AIM Forensic Security System



The AIM™ forensic security system has been specially designed to deter forced entry. It features a high security door chain, a high decibel alarm and most importantly a unique DNA intruder marking system.

This means that if an AIM™ secured door has been attacked a high decibel alarm is immediately activated to warn off the intruder.

But that's not all - the would-be intruder will also be marked with a forensically traceable DNA spray.

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High Security

  • A case hardened security chain. 
  • Designed to withstand high impact on attempted forced entry.


  • A high decibel alarm that will disorientate and scare off intruders. 
  • More than six minutes of continuous sound!

DNA Spray

  • Each AIM system contains a uniquely coded DNA tagging spray. 
  • The spray is quick drying and virtually impossible to remove.

UV Marker

  • Emits an UV tracer which is only visible under an ultra violet light. 
  • Fluorescent bright blue colour for easy identification - helps police identify the intruder.

Property Linked

  • When AIM is registered the unique DNA code is linked to your address -and the entrance it has been installed on. 
  • If an intruder forces an AIM secured door and is covered with the DNA spray they are inarguably linked to that particular crime scene.

International Security Register

  • All information is stored securely on the police approved International Security Register. 
  • Police have immediate access for verification 24/7/ 365-days a year via a online police portal.
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